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Information about upcoming services on Zoom.

The Spinoza Havurah

A Community for Spiritual Humanistic Judaism

About us

The Spinoza Havurah is a completely online, lay-led collaborative community for secular, atheist, agnostic, and Humanistic Jews as well as non-Jewish humanists.

We gather on Zoom to celebrate and observe Shabbat and Jewish holidays together in a spiritual, meditative way that is consistent with our non-theistic beliefs. We also engage in group study sessions, and we discuss our ideas on this site’s blog, our Facebook group and on the Mastodon social media platform.

If you would like to join us, please fill out the contact form below or click the “Join Us” tab on the menu bar.

The Havurah is in the process of becoming affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism. Membership is currently free and open to all who agree with our values and philosophy and wish to celebrate life with us. Our programs are based in the Eastern U.S. time zone and we have members join us from around the world.

What We Do

Shabbat and Holiday Services

We get together approximately every other week for shabbat services, and holidays when applicable, that are focused on humanistic spirituality, inspiration, and personal growth. We utilize meditation and non-theistic liturgy that draws on modern and traditional prose, poetry, and music.

It’s a Mitzvah

A core tenet of both Judaism and the Humanist philosophy is that actions are more important than words. While the Hebrew word mitzvah literally means commandment, it also has the colloquial meaning of good deed. We believe that doing good makes us feel good and is a fundamental element of spirituality. At the beginning or end of every gathering, we encourage our members to put their beliefs into action by giving tzedakah (charity) and performing acts of loving-kindness.

Text Study

Education has long been an important part of Jewish tradition. We also believe in its importance for our ethical and spiritual development. We engage in the study of traditional and modern Jewish (and non-Jewish) texts independently and during our shabbat observances and special study sessions.

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