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March 11, 2023- Purim and International Women’s Day Service/Celebration

Our next service will be on Saturday, 11 March at 10 AM ET/3 PM GMT.  Join Spinoza Havurah for a celebration of Purim and International Women’s Day. A playful Queer exchange will ensue in which gender roles are not what we’d expect, with additional time for focused discussions. Costumes, masks, and other fanciful attire are highly encouraged! 

The characters: DRAG KING AHASHVEROSH – he owns the runway, but let it be known that he needs his girls to run his show properly (Let us spill some tea, does he even do his own make-up?). QUEEN VASHTI – a fierce queen who speaks with sass and an arrogant attitude. QUEEN ESTHER – whenever we hear her name, we cheer. MORDECHAI “Aunt Mordy” – Whenever we hear her name, we click our fingers in praise. PIT CREW – sexy servants of the Royal House. BIG THANA – minor appearance. TERESH – minor appearance. HAMAN – whenever we hear his name, we say “Not today, Satan!” and make general noise to blot out her name. PRINCE KOUROSH – one time appearance. PRINCE DARYUSH – one time appearance. And, of course, the Narrator. 

Please see these additional readings which will inform our discussion:

Here is the Zoom link to register for this meeting:


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